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Offering a variety of services, that's part of today

  • Live Productions

    Stream via Facebook Live or Youtube, event recordings, webcasts or studio's at location.

  • Storytelling Video's

    Whether it is an aftermovie or a video with essential content on a certain subject. 

  • Geeky Stuff

    Drones, 360° video, VR, animations and Watchout. In short, a range of technical solutions.

Live Productions

Feel the adrenaline!

Live productions come in all shapes and sizes. From conventional events (stage + audience = event) to firebrigade competitions in the open air and studio's on an exhibition floor. These days many of these events are streaming live and that rocks. Watch a few examples here

We have noticed that creation around the stream is becoming increasingly more important. A solid concept around your stream is necessary. That would increase the amount of viewers and thus increase the amount of people that would potentially visit your next event. 

Below we highlighted a few popular types of live productions. 

  • Facebook Live

    Hot and happening. All brands want this. And we know why: never before has it been this easy to connect with an online audience.  

    Read here why

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  • Webcasts

    Still insanely popular among corporates. Simply because not everyone can be in the same place at the same time. 

    Read more here

  • Event recording

    Live or not, it has to be recorded with exceptional quality. Fans and admirers are the most loyal viewers. Cherish that.

    Check out the options here

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Storytelling Video

Share your story

 Creating aftermovies is extremely popular next to a stream or recording. For us this is a piece of cake, as we are already there. The shots of the stream can be used for this, but we also have an extra camera man walk around to create even more visually attractive shots.

We also make videos with strong, essential content. We have enough journalistic experience at our disposal to tackle every topic thoroughly. Below are a few examples we are really proud of. 

Geeky Stuff

Nerds are the new rockstars

If you claim to be an all round technical video productionhouse, you have to put your money where your mouth is. Keep reading to discover all technical solutions we offer. 

Do you have a challenge that isn't on the list? Challenge accepted! Let us know.

  • But there is more!

    We build tools that both friend and enemy appreciate.

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