How to price a livestream?

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  • Try the price estimator

    We made a tool that will calculate a fairly accurate price in just a few minutes. Give it a shot!

Or have a look at our packages...

  • $ 1400 just live

    Getting your event recorded and streamed is the primary concern.

  • $ 2100 online live show

    The video quality plays a non-negligible role in your event, you expect more than a handful of viewers during or after the event. It needs to look good!

  • $ 3250 live production

    When video is important to your event and needs to be well-done.

These plans are here to give you an idea of our prices. In practice, every event is slightly different and requires a unique approach. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us!

We've also made a calculator that allows you to create a custom cost calculation very quickly.

We offer a solution for all types and sizes of events

What do we look for when making a quote?

Are we streaming? Then it all starts with the available internet connection. Is it fast enough and stable? Free from IT restrictions? Cabled or with only wireless available? If there's no internet, we check the local 3G / 4G reception or satellite coverage.

We then check the environment, the type of event, the requested video quality and extra's. Can we provide adequate coverage with a single camera, or is a more expanded approach the better option? What are cable distances like? Who's doing sound?

We'll contact the event location and make sure all aspects of the production are clear to all involved parties. We can take the lead in this process, or respond to input from another involved party.