About us

"Streaming your event live in Full HD with individual clips immediately after. Why isn't this already possible for every event?"

5 years ago we started our company with that thought. We've grown to an international production house in the new heart of Amsterdam. We use the very latest in technology to efficiently bring your event online, whilst going for excellent quality.

This is us

  • Thom van der Veen, Producer

    Thom is an energetic, creative producer. His specialty is keeping an eye on many things at once, without losing track of anything. He's very good at keeping all facets of a production running.

  • Floris Porro, Technical Producer

    Floris is the videonerd, who has very all-round technical knowledge. From programming to aviation, he tends to dive into new technologies head first. He's excellent at guiding technical processes, which makes him perfect as the tech lead for an online broadcaster.